Screen Time increases anxiety

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

RNZ had a great interview about how children, teens specifically, aren't present nor exposed to risk as much anymore, instead addicted to their screens. It takes three months for that addictive behaviour to reset. Parents, please read this article and get your children outside regularly. Or at the bare basics, aim for 1 hour of screen time, equals 1 hour of nature play.

Please know that there is a movement entering New Zealand and around the world that this can change. Why not start with a school holiday programme first? Get back to being innovative, and risk-takers in nature.

Bush Farm School holiday programmes have been booked quickly. Not only does free-play in nature give opportunities for risk and innovation but also structured activities do too. Learning to whittle and carve allows for creativity and problem-solving with local resources, as well as offers a different set of fine-motor skills, concentration and mindfulness techniques seldom experienced today. #Bushfarmschool #risktaking #getoutside #allseasons #innovation #howitusedtobe hashtag#wellbeing #mindfulness

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